Goal 1:  Continue to promote Fort George G. Meade as a key economic asset for the region

  • Objective:  Support the Fort Meade installation in identifying and addressing priority needs and resources

  • Objective: Support the Fort George G. Meade installation as the National Strategic Communications and Cybersecurity Leader for the United States

  • Objective:  Support the Fort Meade installation based government agencies' and organizations' mission success with programs and initiatives that leverage the public and private sector organizations across the Fort Meade region

Goal 2:  Continue to support Fort Meade's county, state and federal priority issues

  • Objective:  Continue to work with federal, state, local and industry stakeholders to ensure the needs of the installation are discussed, and advocated that result in programs and initiatives that address needs
  • Objective:  Implement plans to stay current with and in tune with Fort Meade's priority list, and strongly support those priorities at various levels
  • Objective:  Collaborate with Fort Meade regional jurisdictions, State of Maryland elected and appointed officials, state agencies, Legislature and the federal delegation to achieve priorities.

Goal 3:  Exercise FMA's advocacy role as the lead organization supporting Fort Meade's regional activities

  • Objective:  Establish and maintain an effective FMA Meade Business Connect program
  • Objective:  Maintain and enhance the FMA communications plan and website to effectively communicate and promote Fort Meade, FMA and regional activities, events and services offered to members, stakeholders and the regional community
  • Objective: Participate in marketing initiatives to new and existing Fort Meade agencies and their employees
  • Objective:  Continue to be a voice for enhancements in education (e.g. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), cyber and world language/culture programs) across K-12, college and university and workforce curriculum development
  • Objective:  Support recruiting efforts, retention and skills enhancement and development for the agencies and employees currently at Fort Meade and those moving to the installation


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