A Letter from the President

Supporting Fort George G. Meade is, and always has been, the core mission of the Fort Meade Alliance. Since our founding in 2003, our understanding and appreciation for the Installation’s mission and personnel has deepened and fueled our passion for supporting the military, their families, veterans, contractors, federal workers and the broader Fort Meade community.

Our organization, with more than 255 members representing over 100,000 regional employees, is about developing connections, being involved and making a difference. The dedication of FMA members to support the Alliance’s mission has made a tremendous impact on the Fort Meade region — both inside and outside the gates. For more than a decade, the Alliance has been a dependable partner in addressing a number of issues confronting the region and has fostered deep, trusting relationships with Garrison leadership, military commands and federal agencies on post, as well as elected officials and the local business community.

Our commitment to core issues, including the promotion of STEM education, advocating for reasonable solutions to transportation concerns around the Installation, advancing business opportunities and furthering resiliency and education efforts to support military personnel and their families, has generated greater impact year after year. Our heightened knowledge and broadened relationships have enabled us to expand the impact of our initiatives throughout the entire region and across the state. The Alliance is committed to supporting these, and many other, initiatives well into the future.

We are charged with providing our members with information, knowledge, education, training, contacts, and networking, as well as access to Fort Meade regional business opportunities. We focus on education and workforce development through innovative partnerships, provide impactful events and programming for the community, address regional transportation challenges and most importantly we keep our military and their families on the top of our priority list.

As we continue with these core missions, we face boundless opportunities to achieve even more as we support the critically important economic driver that is Fort George G. Meade and the incredible people who make the Installation and the entire region thrive.

We encourage you to become an active part of our community — Get Connected. Get Involved. Make a Difference.

Steven E. Tiller
President, Fort Meade Alliance


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