Fort Meade Alliance IT ForumPhoto by John Keith.The purpose of the Fort Meade Alliance’s Meade Business Connect is to provide easier access to more opportunities for its members. Meade Business Connect assists small and large companies with targeted business information on the more than 115 government agencies and organizations of Fort Meade and the region's prime contractors, targeted mentoring programs, networking opportunities and events, business forums and capability matching for connections that make a difference.

Meade Business Connect fulfills a virtual role as a primary point of contact for business opportunities in the Fort Meade area by facilitating the exchange of accurate information, timely communications, and local and regional support between Fort Meade and its community partners, and by providing the tools and expertise that enable community partners to conduct business according to government procurement processes and regulations as well as with the federal prime contractors.

Specifically, Meade Business Connect provides the Fort Meade Alliance members with information, knowledge, education/training, contacts, networking, understanding and access to Fort Meade region business opportunities for the Fort Meade Installation Command, the federal government agencies and organizations based at Fort Meade, federal prime contractors, federal subcontractors, commercial entities, regional small business requirements, and other public and private sector needs.

For more information about the FMA’s Meade Business Connect, please contact the FMA General Manager at 410-850-4940.


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