Community Report

The FMA Community Report is an electronic newsletter emailed to subscribers throughout the year to keep readers informed on important topics that impact the Fort Meade community, the progress of FMA initiatives, upcoming events and other headline news.


October 2023

In this issue, we focus on Project SCOPE and how FMA members are volunteering their time to build the future workforce with skilled, cleared workers. We discuss the 2023-2024 Micro Business Mentorship Program and opportunities it brings to new cohorts as well as recap the Annual Member Reception held on Sept. 21.


June 2023

In this issue, we introduce the 2023 FMA Annual Report, congratulate our new and reelected FMA board members, and recap the 2023 Annual Meeting and Cocktail Reception held on June 15th.

April 2023

In this issue, learn how apprenticeships can be a new tool for FMA members and how the Fort Meade Alliance is supporting initiatives in partnership with the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation (AAWDC), read about our first Tech Mania event since the COVID-19 pandemic that welcomed 100 students from four area high schools, and recap the congressional visit with the Fort Meade Alliance and Congressman Steny Hoyer.

March 2023

In this issue, FMA members discuss labor shortages, the debt ceiling and a demographic cliff. We also proudly hosted the first resiliency program to premier inside the demonstration kitchen of the Education and Resiliency Center at Kuhn Hall! 

January 2022

In this edition, we announce the set date for this year’s Industry Day, offer a sneak preview of our upcoming nutrition workshops including the curriculum of three classes and open registration for a number of upcoming events. Get connected. Get involved. Make a difference.

March 2022

In this edition, we revisit the recent NSETS discussion with National Security Agency (NSA), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and U.S. Cyber Command at FMA’s Industry Day, as well as various topics regarding #security clearances from our recent Project SCOPE presentation at Wilde Lake High School, Howard High School and Long Reach High School. Registration links for many upcoming events are also available.

June 2022

In this edition, we take a closer look at how large and shifting challenges have impacted contracting opportunities for small businesses with quotes from C-level leadership from Synergy ECP, IntelliGenesis LLC and Nexxis Solutions. Also included is a recap of May’s Tech Mania with thoughts shared by students from Anne Arundel County Public Schools and Howard County Public Schools, a recap of the recent Rising Stars Network Executive Speakers Series presented by Tensley Consulting Inc. and a recap of the first ever DISA Business Match.

August 2022

In this edition, we discuss the value of providing mentoring services that are tailored to micro-businesses with quotes from C-level leadership from Bolt Innovations Group, Calibyr Corporation, Nexxis Solutions and Nyla Technology Solutions. Also included is a recap of FGGM’s Change of Command Ceremony on July 27, an overview of summer education and workforce opportunities as well as upcoming events including painting for the pups with Warrior Canine Connection.

October 2022

In this issue, we discuss the value of pairing STEM professionals with young students with leaders from Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation, National Security Agency and Space Telescope Science Institute. Also included are recaps of the recent Members Only Networking Reception and Key Ceremony at Kuhn Hall, as well as upcoming events with speakers from BCT LLC, National Cyber Leadership and Quevera.

December 2022

In this issue, we discuss “bootstrapped resiliency,” thriving discoveries, mentorships for micro businesses and a recap of Kuhn Hall’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

January 2021

In this edition, we take a moment to remember the grace, service and profound impact of the late Lisa Decker. Details about the upcoming Solving the Cyber Workforce Shortage Forum, new STEMOVATION pitches and the new Fort Meade Destination Guide are also included.

March 2021

In this edition, we unpack how vital diversity is to creating a more successful cyber workforce, offer an update about the Resiliency Services portal and kiosks, launch the Rising Stars Network Mentorship Program, announce FMA’s new YouTube channel and open up registration for many upcoming events.

May 2021

In this edition, we discuss how robust contracting and M&A activity boost Fort Meade business opportunities, open enrollment at FMA Academy, an announcement about corporate supporters from the FMA Foundation and registration for many upcoming events.

July 2021

In this edition, we discuss the need for industry experts in the classroom, the summer internship season, our new member benefit called FMA Academy and distribute an electronic copy of our Annual Report.

October 2021

In this issue, we discuss the small buiness contracting landscape in the wake of a global pandemic, an overview of the Cyber Pipeline Learning Series and introduce a new Executive Speakers Series hosted by the Rising Stars Network. Registration links for many upcoming events also included.

December 2021

In this edition, we highlight the role some FMA member companies had in evacuating Afghanistan earlier this year. Also included is a recap of November’s Tech Mania, a preview into the nutritional classes to be offered just after the New Year and registration links for upcoming events.

January 2020

The last pre-COVID edition discusses how experts in defense contracting are advising small and mid-sized businesses to start preparing for the looming rollout of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program.

April 2020

A special issue regarding COVID-19.

May 2020

In challenging times, the members of the Fort Meade Alliance have always pulled together to support Fort Meade and the surrounding region. Though the challenge we face now rests on a global scale, the response of FMA members to COVID-19 is no different. As the pandemic has evolved, the FMA and its members have taken steps to combat the needs of people in this region and across the globe.

July 2020

In this issue, read more about how the Fort Meade community celebrates the approval of renovating the Education and Resiliency Center at Kuhn Hall, FMA’s new conversation series, virtual STEM Core math instruction and career coaching as well as details about a federal grant to support community development around military installations.

September 2020

In this edition, we introduce how an FMA committee has been probing the top five challenges to building CS/IT workforce, STEMOVATION innovation and a warm welcome to Col. Christopher M. Nyland as the FGGM’s new Garrison Commander.

November 2020

In this issue, we highlight how the virtual Key Leaders Series focused on how to thrive during a pandemic, Meade Business Connect focuses on reconstituting the workforce and the Rising Stars Network focuses on staying virtual.

End of (COVID-19) Year Message

In the midst of sudden change and unprecedented obstacles, the FMA stepped up to support your needs without losing momentum in our military and family or education and workforce development initiatives.

February 2019

In this edition, we explore new approaches to training, contracting and war fighting that could be key to Cyber Command’s success, discuss how funding and community support are required for ACS programs and recap insights learned from Industry Day.

April 2019

In this issue, we consider how Maryland might become the epicenter for cyber innovation, how hazardous conditions on the BW Parkway is fueling talks about the State of Maryland might get more involved and recap Spring Tech Mania.

July 2019

In this issue, we unpack the DefTech commercialization program and its expansion to Fort Meade, explain how students from four Maryland Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) are benefiting from a new cyber warrior program and recap this year’s Annual Meeting.

September 2019

In this edition, headlines include how grants are boosting STEM education at Fort Meade schools, an introduction to STEM Core and how Dod approves the funding for a renovation at Meade High School.

November 2019

In this edition, we share how DISA seeks innovation, cyber security and workforce development from industry partners, an update about the FMA’s involvement with the Community Covenant Council and the new STEM Family Night.

April 2018

In this issue, we recap Industry Day, introduce two new Board Members, announce the new Veterans Advisory Board and debut the Rising Stars Network Mentorship Program.

June 2018

In this issue, we announce the newly appointed FMA President and Board Members and include links to the 10th Annual Destination Guide and the newly published book titled Fort George G. Meade, the First 100 Years.

October 2018

In this issue, we discuss how the elevation of Cyber Command spurs new growth and contracts at Fort Meade, recap STEM Summer in Baltimore City schools and recap the Members Only Reception.

December 2018

In this edition, we discuss new market breakthroughs, recap the Rising Stars Network new mentorship program and review our Education and Workforce initiatives.