Expanding the Workforce Pipeline

A skilled workforce is essential to the success of Fort Meade agencies and area companies. The FMA engages in targeted, sustained and impactful efforts to expand the talent pipeline and build that workforce.

Career Discovery

Exploring careers can be intimidating because there are so many options. Therefore, the best thing we can do developmentally for our K-12 students is to expose them to the possibilities and opportunities. The more opportunities, the more students learn.

Programs Include:

Project SCOPE
Career Chats
STEM Family Night

Career Exploration

Individuals learn through experience. Career Exploration programs allow for people to gain experience exploring different types of careers through a process of experiential learning.

Programs Include:

Teacher Externships
Meade Cyber Lab

Career Upskilling

As we address issues and barriers in expanding the talent pipeline, we cannot forget to place emphasis on our current workforce and upskilling. We additionally must also prioritize our transitioning military members who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience into the workforce but need help translating their experience to the civilian sector.


FMA Academy

Top Five Challenges to Acquiring IT Talent

Five key challenges to expanding the cybersecurity/information technology workforces were identified after nearly a year of research.