A skilled workforce is essential to the success of Fort Meade agencies and area companies. The FMA engages in targeted, sustained and impactful efforts to expand the talent pipeline and build that workforce.

Why are education and workforce development initiatives important to the region?

Ensuring robust education and workforce initiatives support Fort Meade’s critical missions by expanding the pool of highly skilled students eligible for industry jobs in the region. Currently, a small pool of workers and increased competition from other markets means efforts are needed to fill current job openings and to build the pipeline of future workers. More than one third of Maryland’s cybersecurity positions are unfilled (more than 22,000 jobs), according to recent data from Cyberseek.org.

What are we doing to help meet the need?

The FMA is focused on training for all ages by offering programs that:

  • Provide opportunities for elementary school students to engage in activities that build excitement for and interest in STEM fields
  • Engage girls and young women in national coding projects
  • Uncover myths related to security clearances and the possibilities and benefits of employment requiring clearances
  • Build excitement for STEM-related careers by engaging industry professionals to demonstrate real world applications of mathematics, computer science, engineering and information technology to 9th grade students
  • Connect professional leaders engaged in work that supports the missions of Fort Meade to students at the elementary, middle, high school and college levels
  • Deliver advanced technological equipment to the local school system to ensure that students have opportunities to start developing necessary skills at a young age
  • Re-engage remedial high school and college students through programs that accelerate their progress in mathematics, provide real-world experience in key fields, and lead to increased mathematical skills needed for industry jobs
  • Award scholarships to select high school students planning to pursue STEM or linguistics in their college studies
  • Prepare students for professional experiences through mentorship connections