Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our mission for the last 20 years.

Our mission is to deliver positive, lasting impact for the people and missions of Fort George G. Meade, helping the region flourish and driving expansion through initiatives in education and workforce development, business community growth, and military and family support.


Over the last 20 years, the Fort Meade Alliance has been dedicated to the people of the Fort Meade region — in and outside of the fence line. FMA programs and initiatives, with the volunteer support of member companies and community partners, shave truly made an impact on the region.


  • Created Project SCOPE (Security Clearance Overview Preparation Education) for all Maryland students, as well as college students and transitioning workers.
  • Reached more than 5,000 elementary, middle and high school students with Tech Mania and STEM Family Night, which both have provided hands-on demonstrations of cutting-edge technology from industry professionals in the Fort Meade region.
  • Supported the development of curriculum for the Homeland Security Signature Program at Meade High School.
  • Awarded a grant to establish a Cyber Range at Meade High School. The grant will be used to create a physical space/classroom with the appropriate equipment, networks and software to provide on-going training to high school teachers who will support students to learn in the Meade Cyber Lab.
  • Identified five core challenges facing the development of CS/IT talent in the Fort Meade Region and published extensive recommendations for addressing these challenges in the white paper titled Top Challenges in Acquiring CS/IT Talent in the Fort Meade Region.
  • Launched the FMA Academy, a resource that offers pathways for member companies to invest in training up their workforce though a series of educational discounts and other perks offered exclusively to employees of FMA member companies.
  • Established STEM Core Bridges and STEM Core College, which advances remedial students to mathematical proficiency at an accelerated rate to help enhance the pipeline of students headed towards STEM careers.
  • With the FMA Foundation, established the Kenneth O. McCreedy Scholarship for Meade High School Students that successfully complete the Meade High Homeland Security Certificate Program.


  • Provided business engagement to employers looking to hire veterans in Maryland through the Military Corp Connect (MC3) program and connected more than 200 Fort Meade Active-Duty military and spouses with civilian careers.
  • Created “Growing the Military Child” brochure as a resource of information for educators.
  • Led the community fundraising effort that raised $135,000 to outfit the new Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) for the FGGM Wounded Warriors Transition Unit.
  • Established the FMA Foundation to support the Fort George G. Meade installation, service personnel and their families, civilians and the broader Fort Meade community.
  • Partnered with Fort George G. Meade to renovate Kuhn Hall into a state-of-the art Education and Resiliency Center. Services include those that support the five pillars of resiliency: physical, emotional, social, family and spiritual.
  • The Fort Meade Alliance and Fort George G. Meade received the U.S. Army’s 2019 Community Partnership Award for our joint effort to renovate Kuhn Hall into the installation’s new Resiliency and Education Center.
  • Led the design, development, implementation and installment for Resiliency Services kiosks throughout the Fort Meade installation and the creation of the online portal
  • Introduced the Military Wellness Community Connection (MWCC), a new initiative designed to support the unique needs of our veteran and active military service personnel and their families.
  • Recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense for its efforts in supporting the successful Healthy Base Initiative pilot program at Fort George G. Meade.


  • Created the Meade Business Connect (MBC) to provide FMA members with targeted information about Fort Meade agencies and prime contractors and foster valuable connections between businesses and Fort Meade agencies.
  • Created the Rising Star Network targeting FMA member company employees who are 35 years old or younger with mentoring and professional development opportunities.
  • Helped the state of Maryland secure a $10 million, federal TIGER grant to widen Route 175 beside Fort Meade and assisted successful efforts by federal, elected officials to secure MILCON funds to improve roads on post.
  • Managing and facilitating National Security Agency and Defense Information Systems Agency connections among prime contractors and small businesses in annual virtual and in-person rapid networking events.

What people are saying

We’ve had the great fortune of working with outstanding community leaders over the years. Here’s what they have to say about the Fort Meade Alliance.

FMA mission inspires deep commitment by members

Driven by a clear mission, core passion and determination to deliver real impact, the Fort Meade Alliance has attracted long-standing support from a wide array of organizations, companies and accomplished professionals since it was founded 20 years ago.

In total, 15 organizations and companies have been FMA members for at least 15 years: COPT Defense Properties, A.J. Properties, MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate Services, Capitol Technology University, Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation, Sandy Spring Bank, BWI Business Partnership, Northrop Grumman Information Systems Sector, Lockheed Martin Corporation, LG-TEK, UMBC Training Centers, Anne Arundel Community College, Baltimore-Washington Medical Center, Vision Technologies and Tower Federal Credit Union.

Jay Baldwin, one of FMA’s first presidents, said the organization’s mission was clear from the beginning: to support ongoing growth at Fort George G. Meade and make the Fort Meade region a steadily better place to work and live.

FMA helps companies support defense missions

One of the original members of the Fort Meade Alliance, COPT Defense Properties has come to regard the FMA as “the gold standard for community relations around a fort,” said Bill Barroll, Managing Senior Vice President.

“I view the Fort Meade Alliance as a partner of the fort, supporting their mission,” said Greg Prossner, Senior Vice President/Asset Management + Leasing. “I think one of the best attributes of the Alliance is it is not a networking organization. Networking just happens as a byproduct of its mission to support the fort.”

That structure has enabled member companies to help provide services needed to support that broader mission, including STEM workshops and security clearance education to high school students, mentoring to startup businesses, and other efforts to expand the cyber workforce, Prossner said.

FMA created opportunity to improve communities

A chance encounter with a disgruntled colonel inspired Stuart Title to make a lasting commitment to the Fort Meade Alliance.

An active member of the Laurel Chamber of Commerce, Title had been asked to sit in on a meeting of the recently formed Alliance. As the group discussed business items, a colonel from Fort Meade raised an unexpected issue.

“He was a little upset that we had given two foursomes of golf for the Commander’s Cup to board members rather than offering them to enlisted on the post and he made that very clear at the meeting,” Title said. “I said, ‘Colonel, we sometimes just don’t understand your world.’ He replied, ‘I sometimes don’t understand yours either.’”

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