A skilled workforce is essential to the success of Fort Meade agencies and area companies. With financial support from the Fort Meade Alliance Foundation, the Fort Meade Alliance creates and implements targeted and impactful efforts to expand the talent pipeline and build that vital workforce.

Career Discovery

Finding a career can be intimidating because there are so many options. Therefore, the best thing we can do developmentally for our K-12 students is to expose them to the possibilities and opportunities. The more opportunities, the more students learn.

Programs Include:

Project SCOPE
STEM Family Night
Career Panels

Career Exploration

Individuals learn through experience. Career exploration programs allow for people to gain experience exploring different types of careers through a process of experiential learning.

Programs Include:

Teacher Externships

Career Growth

While addressing issues and barrier in expanding the talent pipeline, we are also focused on helping the workforce with their growth whether it’s providing apprenticeships as a stepping stone for a career or helping transitioning military members into the workforce.


Career Transition Program

Volunteer Opportunities

Various volunteer opportunities are available for the Fort Meade Alliance Education & Workforce programs. Be part of the solution by dedicating your time and your company resources to solving the challenges of gaps within the Fort Meade workforce pipeline.

Top Five Challenges to Acquiring IT Talent

Five key challenges to expanding the cybersecurity/information technology workforces were identified after nearly a year of research.