Supporting Military Members & Families

Our military members and their families sacrifice greatly to safeguard our country. So the Fort Meade Alliance is proud to do our part to improve their quality of life.

Ready, Strong, Connected

The FMA, through its FMA Foundation, has embarked on a $3.6-million campaign to convert the historic Kuhn Hall on Fort George G. Meade into a Resiliency and Education Center for military personnel, their families and the DoD community.

Resiliency Campus

Fort George G. Meade has an abundance of resiliency and wellness resources on the installation. These resources support the five pillars of resiliency: family, emotional, physical, spiritual and social.

Tapestry Grant

Military children face special challenges. So the Fort Meade Alliance, working under a grant secured by Anne Arundel County Public Schools, is working on a Tapestry program from the Department of Defense Education Agency to provide teachers with seminars about the nature of military family life. The FMA has also created a resource guide to alert teachers to services available to military families.

Military Spouses

The annual Fort Meade Military Spouse Job Fair is impressive and helpful, but also exhausting. Each year, the Fort Meade Alliance hosts a Relaxation Station at the fair where job seekers can rest, enjoy refreshments, get a massage and talk with other military spouses.

To help our military and their families, email FMA General Manager Tim O’Ferrall┬átoday!