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MBC Talks About Reconstituting the Workforce

Debbie Mobley, Head of Human Resources at Praxis Engineering, and David Stevens, Partner at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, brought their collective experience of human resources management and law to the October 21st MBC Virtual Meet-Up to help business owners sift through the myriad of questions about reconstituting their workforce in a COVID-19 context.
After offering an overarching perspective, participants brought their many questions to the virtual table to gain expert insights, as well as swap notes with peers. The group discussed tips about checking-in with current employees who are remotely weathering the storm, human resources policies, updates about governmental compliance and regulations and preliminary information about what may or may not be coming down the pike. While Mobley and Stevens acknowledged there is still so much left to be revealed as COVID-19 continues to write its story into our culture, attendees appreciated another opportunity to talk about the business implications with those who understand. Everyone was also reminded that, indeed, we are all in this together.