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Rising Stars Network Introduces New Executive Speakers Series

On November 4, the Rising Stars Network welcomed Roxanne Wood, CEO of Boeing Intelligence & Analytics, for the kick-off event in their new Executive Speakers Series. Hosted at Tensley Consulting, Roxanne led the intimate group in a conversation about the skills needed to make it in the executive suite. Sharing what keeps her up at night and how she handles those stressors, Roxanne provided excellent insight for those with executive ambitions.

The Rising Stars will host sessions in the Executive Speakers Series three times per year, with the next session scheduled for January 27th from 4-6 p.m. John McBeth, founder and CEO of McBeth Inc., will draw from his storied career as the President and CEO of NextCentury Corporation and later the Executive Director of Critical Insight Solutions for CACI to share insights about managing high performing leaders.