MBC Meetups Session 1

MBC Meetups Session 1


In a rapidly changing world, it can be easy to feel alone in facing the challenges of the current moment. FMA 1,2 and 3 Star Members are invited to join us for a casual conversation about the current business climate at an upcoming MBC Meetup, hosted over the next three Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 pm.

Limited to just 30 people (must be a 1,2 or 3 Star Member) per session, each Meetup will feature business leaders ready to share their approaches to dealing with financial, legal and other issues, in addition to providing an opportunity to talk with other peers in the industry.

With companies everywhere being force to “learn on the fly” as guidance from federal agencies evolves, joining an MBC Meetup will allow you the opportunity to share your own strategies and hear how other businesses have tackled topics such as PPP loans, Section 3610, practices for maintaining a ready workforce and more.

A handful of business leaders will guide each conversation. Participants joining the conversations include:

  • Brian Cooper, COO, Braintrust
  • Shana Cosgrove, CEO, NYLA Technologies
  • Chuck Faughnan III, CEO, Bridges
  • Mike Hantke, President & CEO, Tensley Consulting Inc.
  • Heather Hogan, President, Red Arch Solutions
  • Angie Lienert, President & CEO, Intelligenesis
  • Jacqui Magnes, CEO, COMSO
  • John McBeth, President and CEO, CACI
  • Jacky McComber, CEO/President, InfoTeK
  • Nicole Trimble, CFO, Base2
  • Jennifer Walker, President/CEO, Resolute Technologies, LLC
  • Anne Wagner, CEO , Wavestrike

You must be a 1,2 or 3 Star Member with the Fort Meade Alliance to participate. Not a member? You can learn more and join here.

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