Monthly MBC Meet-Up: How to Shape Procurements Using White Papers

Monthly MBC Meet-Up: How to Shape Procurements Using White Papers


Join us on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. to learn how companies can help the government refine requirements, positively impact the entire procurement cycle through meetings and white papers and concurrently gain the client’s trust. Our guest speakers, Brian Cooper of BrainTrust and Daniel Ra of Red Alpha, will discuss how to approach the process of surveying the landscape of the client’s needs, tips on how to synthesize complex ideas and observations and how to pull it all together into an effective white paper that often makes or breaks your professional relationship.

This event is virtual and for FMA Members only. There is no cost to attend.

About Our Guest Speakers
Brian Cooper has over 27 years of diverse experience in the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense. Brian held leadership positions at Booz Allen, Praxis and Compaq focused on strategic captures and mission execution. Before moving into leadership, his career focused on software systems engineering and program management supporting a diverse customer base. Brian joined BrainTrust in 2016 and serves as the COO for the company.

Daniel Ra engineered software solutions for the DOD/IC as a Software Engineer & Leader for around 20 years with a focus on designing visual data analytics. He has been fascinated by what’s possible when dedicated individuals are brought together toward the same goal. The rewards of pushing without fear toward a difficult goal in the company of equally motivated partners keep him fresh and ready for the next challenge. As the founder of Red Alpha, Daniel leads the Executive Management Team as CEO. In this role, he is also responsible for Solutions Architecture and Software Product Management.