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Introducing the new Project SCOPE website

May 12, 2020 — In 2009, at the forefront of efforts to help businesses and government fill the need for security-cleared workers, the Fort Meade Alliance debuted Project SCOPE (Security Clearance Overview, Preparation and Education). Though much has changed since that time, the need for a workforce prepared for the security clearance process remains as important as ever. With this in mind, the FMA has updated and revised Project SCOPE with relevant and timely information for today’s evolving workforce.

The website has three different target audiences: high school students, college/workforce and transitioning military/veterans. Each section provides tailored information to its audience to help them navigate and master the security clearance process. In addition to updated information, there are now interactive quizzes sprinkled throughout the site, allowing users to actively engage with the information, test their knowledge and share their results on social media platforms.

Click here to visit the Project Scope site.