Below are the presentations of the Keynote Speaker and each Breakout Session from the December 9, 2021 DISA Small Business Conference:

DISA’s Reorganization and How it Affects Small Business Partners

Christopher Barnhurst, DISA’s Deputy Director

DISA reorganized its structure on October 1, 2021. Do you want to know why it was done? What it looks like now? And how it affects how DISA does business? Hear firsthand from DISA’s Deputy Director as he shows you what DISA looks like now and explains the strategic intent of the organization change.

Facility Site Clearance

DCSA Personnel and DISA Security Personnel

Interested in pursuing Government contracting opportunities but are unable to submit a proposal because of facility clearance (FCL) requirements? Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) is here to explain the FCL process, describe the steps of processing an FCL, detailing the documentation requirements, and sharing tips to avoid incomplete and inaccurate FCL packages. The insightful information will answer your questions about the FCL process! DISA Security folks will also be on-hand to answer specific DISA processing questions about DD254s.


Stephen Wallace, Vanessa McCollum/Craig Carlton and Karl Gumtow

Learn about DISA’s needs and requirements to develop and integrate innovative capabilities—critical in providing cutting-edge solutions for our warfighters. From innovation to development, testing and implementation, DISA’s partnership with industry is essential to achieving success. DISA will discuss the OTA process (Other Transaction Authorities) and the relationship with Dreamport and DISA’s Technical Exchange Meetings.

Proposal Evaluations

Christopher Gray and Christopher Riley

Once you hit “send” on your proposal submittal email, do you know what happens next? Whether you win the next big contract or receive an unsuccessful letter, you’ll gain a better understanding of proposal evaluation requirements and realize the Government doesn’t “pick favorites” or only read a page or two of your proposal. Learn the steps the source selection team follows for evaluating proposals and all the documentation that goes into justifying the winning contractor. Want to know where to find DISA’s upcoming acquisitions? We’ll tell you that too!

Tough Love from OSBP

Carlen Capenos, Brenda Leonard and Jessica L. Bathon-Logsdon

Curious to discover things that drive the Office of Small Business Programs’ staff batty?! Can you effectively and excitedly convey what makes your company stand out among competitors? Are you always late for that very important date (proposal due date, meeting, or speaking engagement)? Can you recognize sloppy emails and know how to differentiate between “your” and “you’re”? Do you seek your own information or expect the Government to be your secretary? You won’t forget this humorous presentation—and it is guaranteed to give you more bang for your buck!