One of the many highlights of Industry Day is the opportunity to ask our guest speakers questions. Below is a list of questions compiled in advance.

I’m representing a new business from the West Coast. They are a 40-year-old small business manufacturing printed circuit boards. How can I best get started?

DISA does not procure circuit boards. We buy comprehensive hardware solutions through managed services.

What is the status of DISA’s Acquisition schedule and strategies, and associated contract strategies as shared in your August forum?

The Procurement Forecast will be updated and re-issued in early June 2021 in conjunction with (ICW) the AFCEA TechNet Cyber Symposium. (The Forecast is updated and re-issued twice a year: ICW the Spring AFCEA Symposium and ICW the Fall DISA Forecast to Industry.) It is a significant effort for DISA/DITCOs to update the Forecast. We’re implementing some spreadsheet automation tools, and if successful it may be possible to update the Forecast more often.

How does DISA engage students in work-and-learn opportunities?

DISA is very proud of our student internship program. DISA has continued to offer internship opportunities to students in the midst of a pandemic and a maximum telework environment. The Agency quickly embraced virtual recruiting, which has helped us reach vast talent pools. As we have established a virtual presence in the recruiting world, more people are finding us there. These are individuals who may not have signed up to talk with us at an in-person recruiting event, but because we are offering virtual opportunities with easy access, they find us. We have also increased our partnerships with colleges. Last year, we were invited to speak to the entire incoming freshman engineering class at the University of Missouri.

DISA provides multiple options for students to intern with us. Interns have the opportunity to work on senior-level high-visibility projects that have global reach and impact. Our summer internship program provides for students from high school to graduate level studies to immerse in the Agencies’ work; understanding the role of public service in the Defense enterprise to obtain practical experience; enhancing one’s ability to compete for employment, post-graduation. These opportunities may also provide an option to convert to a permanent position in the civil service. More information about our internship programs is available at our website,