There is a critical need for skilled workers in the Fort Meade region in the areas of defense, homeland security and technology as a result of growth from BRAC and cyber-security initiatives. However, there is a real concern that current Maryland students are not interested in these fields, nor are they aware of the job opportunities in their own backyard.

Addressing these concerns has become a priority for the Fort Meade Alliance, which has spearheaded two major student programs to get the region’s youth on the right path and businesses involved in the education process.


Tech Mania


Concerned with the lack of interest in STEM-related subjects throughout the region’s high school students, the Fort Meade Alliance identified the need to create a program that would entice and engage students in the scientific, engineering and technological applications that have become essential to solving problems of vital importance to the nation and the world.

STEM Family Night

STEM Family Night is centered around science, technology, engineering and math and was created to engage younger students beginning with elementary school — and their parents — in STEM-inspired career paths. STEM Family Night showcases hands on demonstrations from local businesses.

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