STEMOVATION supports juniors and seniors in the STEM and Bio-Medical Allied Health (BMAH) Magnet programs at AACPS. Each year, juniors in these programs complete a Community Challenge project, usually in pairs or teams. Often, these Community Challenges launch students’ senior Capstone Projects, which are heavily weighted in their grade average. There are always a handful of exceptional projects that need additional support outside of the district’s means, either through funding or direct mentorship from an industry professional.


STEMOVATION, a newly-developed program that will be supported by the FMA and AAEDC, provides an opportunity for students to compete for these resources by creating a proposal and budget to present to a panel of industry experts. STEMOVATION aims to provide students the funding and mentoring they need to develop innovative products, spur entrepreneurial spirit and keep young talent in Anne Arundel County. The hope is that the project will instill a desire by the participating students to return/ remain in the county and bring new business and resources for the region.


There is a great need for STEM professionals across the nation – and Maryland is no exception to this. With 20 military facilities and 60 federal agencies stationed in Maryland, as well as a significant number of private sector bio-health and cybersecurity organizations, there is a high demand for professionals with skills that can help ensure the safety and security of the United States. STEMOVATION provides secondary students the opportunity to dive more deeply into their STEM or BMAH related interests and connects them to a network of local professionals ready to expose students to the career opportunities in their home state.