A skilled workforce is essential to the success of Fort Meade agencies and area companies. The FMA engages in targeted, sustained and impactful efforts to build that workforce.

  • STEM Core: In partnership with Georgetown University and the nonprofit Growth Sector, the FMA is bringing STEM Core to the Community College of Baltimore County. STEM Core provides tailored curriculum, internships, special projects and personal support to students enrolled in remedial math. In California colleges, the program has cut the time it takes students to progress to calculus by half and increased their success rates by 30 fold. The FMA is pursuing additional funding to bring the program to all of Maryland.
  • Project SCOPE: Security clearances are essential to many jobs in the Fort Meade Region, so the FMA created Project SCOPE to help students in middle school, high school and college, as well as transitioning workers master the security clearance process. The FMA was recently awarded a sub-grant by Anne Arundel Workforce Development to expand the program to help retiring military members maintain their clearances.
  • Student Programs: The FMA hosts its signature Tech Mania event, which gives ninth-grade students hands-on exposure to technologies used by area companies, as well as the professionals who have made careers out of STEM. STEM Family Night, an extension of Tech Mania for elementary and middle school students, showcases STEM-related activities to help bolster their excitement about a future in STEM.

The FMA was also instrumental in bringing a signature program, focused on issues and jobs in Homeland Security, to Meade High School.

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