Volunteer Opportunities include:

  • Share your career path, security clearance experience and offer advice to middle and high school students through Project SCOPE.
  • Provide an engaging, hands-on presentation for Tech Mania giving high school students a glimpse into your world. Bolster these students’ interest in STEM careers by introducing, teaching, and showing them what you and your company can do.
  • Serve as a mentor for STEMOVATION by assisting a group of students as they work on their senior capstone projects and present them to the advisory board.
  • Host a teacher extern for 6 weeks in the summer.
  • Work with local colleges and the FMA to provide apprenticeships at your company for Software Development and Information Technology.
  • Become a part of our Career Panels for career chats at local K-12 schools and colleges and universities in the region.

If you are interested in getting involved with these programs on a volunteer basis or by making a donation, please contact Tim O’Ferrall, General Manager at toferrall@ftmeadealliance.org or 410.850.4940.