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A Message From Doreen….

This year brought exceptional opportunities for the Fort Meade region to demonstrate the authenticity and strength of the Fort Meade Alliance. 

In the midst of sudden change and unprecedented obstacles, the FMA stepped up to support your needs without losing momentum in our military and family or education and workforce development initiatives. Our membership grew 30% in 2020, affirming the value of our organization and the need to continue our multiple efforts. Thank you for continued investment in Fort Meade and our military despite so many conflicting priorities. Without your support, none of this is possible

We donated 500 masks, 500 pairs of safety gloves and 80 smocks to Fort Meade to be used by Emergency Service and Child Development Center personnel. At the same time, we quickly identified the need for advocacy in the business sector and became the connector between critical mission-based organizations and the industry base that supports them. In partnership with NSA, USCYBERCOM and DISA, these dialogues evolved into a series of five webinars that informed the business community about the impacts of COVID-19.

Not including virtual internships, initiatives like Project SCOPE, STEM Core and Tech Mania leveraged virtual tools an exponentially reached students throughout Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard and Prince George’s Counties, as well as Baltimore City. Finally, to support individual students in the region during the pandemic, we donated $6,000 in school supplies to Meade feeder schools.

The gift proffer that was formally accepted in June symbolically activated an official (and virtual) wall breaking ceremony the following month. Meanwhile, the kiosk and website prototype for the digital hub of centralized resources was reviewed, refined and updated and is currently being tested by end users. Lastly, the inaugural Annual Giving Campaign was kicked off in September. Affectionately known as the Circle of Support, this fund is critical in establishing a baseline annual operating budget to support FMA’s military and education outreach efforts.

COVID-19 has given us another opportunity to adapt. In lieu of our traditional toy drive, we’d like to formally announce our gift of $10,000 toward Fort Meade’s Army Wellness Center, where proactive measures for a healthy lifestyle are promoted.

I’m proud of the work we’re doing together and, more importantly, the impact our collective efforts have had on our community. Unknowns remain, as do obstacles and challenges. As we turn the corner into 2021, know we are standing on the shoulders of an Alliance that pivoted the challenges of adversity into footings for progress.