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Externships for Teachers 2022

Committed to resolving the top five challenges in the current cyber workforce shortage gap, the FMA is helping to connect unique opportunities to students and teachers across multiple counties in the Fort Meade region. Recently, leaders from Howard County Public Schools (HCPS) collaborated with Bright Minds Foundation to launch the Teacher Externship Initiative for Summer 2022. This new initiative was created to offer real-time workplace experiences for teachers that complement their academic knowledge.

“Our teachers don’t have to be experts in cyber to motivate the next group of cyber professionals, but they have to knowledgeable enough to tell stories.” –Maureen McMahon, Anne Arundel County Public Schools

As part of the team of experts FMA mobilized to identify the top five challenges of acquiring cyber talent, Booz Allen Hamilton stepped up to offer an externship to help address challenge #2, Aligning K-12 Education with Cyber Skills Development. The selected teacher will be learning more about current hiring trends and technology updates that can later be integrated into future class curriculum.

With the goal that all students be prepared for college and career, we’d like to thank HCPS, Bright Minds Foundation and Booz Allen Hamilton for providing such an important opportunity for our teachers in the region!


Top Five Challenges of Acquiring Cyber Talent

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