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Chris Inglis Speaks to a Packed House

More than 220 attendees packed the BWI Hilton on February 1, 2023 to hear Chris Inglis, National Cyber Director and Principal Adviser to the President, speak at FMA’s Key Leaders Series. Known for synthesizing very complex topics into succinct and easily understood messages, Mr. Inglis discussed strategies related to the future of cyber security in the United States.

Mr. Inglis broke down the bigger picture strategy into two main parts. After elaborating on the importance of a skilled workforce that is prepared to sustain current risk management while also identifying future threats, he explained a sort of cyber doctrine compiled of policies designed to protect systems and infrastructure. Attendees were hanging on every word while individual questions were also answered. When asked what’s next for him, Mr. Inglis said: “I will find a way to continue to make a difference.”

The FMA would like to thank Chris Inglis for taking the time to serve our community with a greater understanding of the nation’s priorities.