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New approaches to training, contracting and war fighting key to Cyber Command’s success

Stepping before a microphone in a banquet room filled with business and community leaders dressed in suits, Lieutenant General Vincent R. Stewart declared his mission and challenge simply through his appearance. The Deputy Commander of U.S. Cyber Command had decided to forego a dress uniform and wear fatigues because “one…...

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Industry Day offers insights on acquisition opportunities and strategies for innovation

For federal contractors in the Fort Meade Region, the FMA Industry Day is a singular opportunity to gain new insights and connections. “There is no other event like this,” said FMA President Doreen Harwood. “It’s the largest unclassified industry event held yearly that gathers together senior acquisition executives from the…...

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Continued funding, community support required for ACS programs

The annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey by Blue Star Families itemizes the personal costs of serving a nation. Beyond the overarching challenges of time away from family and living on a military salary, active service members and spouses listed family stability/quality of life, children’s education, impacts of deployments on children,…...

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