Press Releases

FMA mission inspires deep commitment by members

Driven by a clear mission, core passion and determination to deliver real impact, the Fort Meade Alliance has attracted long-standing support from a wide array of organizations, companies and accomplished professionals since it was founded 20 years ago. In total, 15 organizations and companies have been FMA members for at…...

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FMA attends the ADC Conference

In early November, Fort Meade Alliance Foundation President Deon Viergutz and Fort Meade Alliance General Manager Tim O’Ferrall joined Fort Meade Garrison Commander COL Michael Sapp and Meade High School Homeland Security Signature Program lead Jim Hopper in Orlando for the annual Innovations in Installations Conference, hosted by the Association…...

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FMA helps companies support defense missions

One of the original members of the Fort Meade Alliance, COPT Defense Properties has come to regard the FMA as “the gold standard for community relations around a fort,” said Bill Barroll, Managing Senior Vice President. “I view the Fort Meade Alliance as a partner of the fort, supporting their…...

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